JONATHAN ALLEN is the Washington bureau chief for Bloomberg News. A recipient of the Dirksen and Hume awards, he has written extensively about Congress and national politics, and he appears frequently as a political analyst on television news programs. He lives on Capitol Hill with his wife, Stephanie, and their children, Asher and Emma. @jonallendc

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Paperback Out 2/17/15, With New Material

AMIE PARNES is the White House correspondent for The Hill newspaper in Washington, where she covers the Obama Administration. A 10-year veteran of political journalism, she traveled with the Clinton, Obama and McCain campaigns while covering the 2008 presidential race for POLITICO. She appears frequently on MSNBC and has also been featured on CNN, FOX and other networks.@amieparnes

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The Reviews Are In ...

"[HRC] provides useful context and intelligent analysis, and a highly readable account of her tenure at Foggy Bottom ... Its narrative is pumped full of colorful you-are-there details" 

Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

"HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton manages the rare feat of being both important and entertaining. It opens with a juicy chapter detailing the punishment and reward of Bill and Hillary’s political enemies and friends. But the meat of HRC is its narration of her role in tackling crises in Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and Libya — an amazingly tumultuous period that provides the best preview of what a Hillary Clinton presidency might look like, at least for foreign policy"

Chris Smith, New York Magazine

"Deeply reported and ably written ... [is] a revealing window into the le Carré-like layers of intrigue that develop when a celebrity politician who is married to another celebrity politician loses to yet another celebrity politician, and goes on to serve the politician who defeated her"

Liza Mundy in The Washington Post

"Full of the inside baseball that political junkies love and on which opposition researchers thrive. Great stuff to light the hot stove of the off-season."

Hugh Hewitt, The Washington Examiner

"It's no easy feat to wring page-turning narrative juice from four years of state craft, but Allen and Parnes have relied on 200 sources … to get them the gossipy goods"

Rebecca Traister in The Los Angeles Times

"...their most persuasive accomplishment is to show, backed by impressive detail, the ways in which Clinton never really abandoned domestic politics"

Jodi Kantor, The New York Times Sunday Book Review

"HRC gives political junkies plenty to chew on"
Glenn C. Altschuler in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"The many Americans who take a binary view of Hillary Rodham Clinton — saint or villain — are likely to be disappointed with the new book. The authors make a concerted and largely successful effort to go beyond the caricatures of one of the most admired and loathed figures in modern American politics"

John Diaz, The San Francisco Chronicle